With all the rain, the rainforest has been alive with detail on every rock and tree. I felt like they were all connected by the flow of the water.

The air was filled with rain and seaspray today as the ocean raged. It made for a very chaotic scene that was softened by the misty atmosphere.

An image from the photoshoot on the weekend for Aqwa ‘s debut EP ‘human’. This shot was one of my personal favourites. This is about 10 shots stitched together to exaggerate the out of focus effect.

Paper bark’s rise from a swamp in dim evening light. Lately I’ve been drawn to these gloomy scenes for landscape subjects.

A special shoot in a special place this weekend! Can’t wait to start sharing photos. Bts 📷 @_electricbloom

Back at horse head rock. This is a stitch of about 20 photos at 50mm to get the effect and background blur. The light was like this for about 60 seconds before it hid behind the clouds again. I don’t like that I forgot to hide my phone (it was triggering the camera)

A quick, handheld shot at 28mm one afternoon when the light was low and the clouds were fluffy. Not a lot of effort or skill in taking this one. Just a natural scene that caught my attention.

I always get excited when I see birds flying into my shot and I get nervous I’ll miss them for some reason. Colouring this shot was a bit difficult because I had to reflect the pastel sky in the particularly drab and lifeless wood. I did my best but I’m sure it can be improved.